Internet Business Services

Web Site Presence Management

We recognize that many web projects extend far beyond simply putting together a web site. As such, Wenex can provide a number of business services offerings that are complementary to our site design and development services.

E-Commerce Management

E-Commerce Merchant Accounts? Secure Servers? While the barrier for entry for a company wishing to sell online may be lower than in past years, it does still exist to some extent. We can walk clients through the setup of all necessary services, ensuring that they acquire all they need, and avoid what they don’t.

Woo-Commerce Account Setup, Integration and Management

Woo-commerce is one of the world’s largest Internet payment companies. Woo-commerce services allow people to make financial transactions online by granting the ability to transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses. Through PayPal, users can send or receive payments, purchase or sell goods and services which makes it ideal for not only billing and accounting but also integrates well with most e-commerce applications. Many small business owners rely on PayPal to support an online storefront.

With our experience and expertise with Woo-Commercel, we can easily set up a business account for our clients and then assist them in managing the account to help them take advantage of the many products and services that PayPal offers.

E-Bay Store Setup and Management

eBay Stores are a special part of eBay where individual sellers can display any number of products they have for sale and inform potential customers about their business through their own customized pages. An eBay Store can be a valuable extension of a business, and is a good way to help sellers maximize their sales on the Internet. With an eBay Store, a business can display all their listings, regardless of format in one convenient location. They can create and personalize their own eBay Store with a unique web address.

Wenex can assist clients on setting up their own eBay store and to access the eBay Stores tools that can be used to build, manage, promote, and track their business. These powerful and easy-to-use tools will enable our clients to build their own brand and encourage buyers to buy more. We will be there to assist in every step of the way from planning the store to opening the virtual doors for business.

E-Mail Campaign Creation, and Management

E-mail marketing is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to communicate with your customers, and get repeat sales. Best of all, email marketing is cited as a top performing marketing channel in terms of return on investment, which means it’s highly cost effective. We can develop E-mail campaigns, manage contact lists, and help translate E-mail marketing analytics for clients.

Web Application Training

We strive to provide our clients tools and applications that they may request to market their site and thus their products and services. We recognize that a number of these require client input and interaction and that there is a learning curve involved. Wenex will provide training to our clients to become proficient with their use.