About Us

Wenex Media Works, formerly known as Wenex Technologies has undergone a metamorphosis primarily driven by our customers wanting something more than just a web site.

We opened our virtual doors in the Greater Toronto Area in 1998, as Wenex Technologies, initially presenting ourselves purely as web designers. The nature of web design, the needs of businesses, and the state of the Internet in general have led us to adopt many faces. We’ve held the title of web designers, web developers, web programmers, service providers, and sometimes just “the web guys”.

Over the years, out of this necessity, we’ve developed a robust stable of business products in many areas of web and web media technology. It’s become apparent that it was time to rebrand ourselves to showcase our many new business offerings.

Also as a result of our effort to provide this increased stable of business products to a wider audience, we’ve also increased our scope of business to include the Golden Horseshoe area of Southern Ontario.

For example, beginning with a solid base of comprehensive and distinctive web page design, we include all phases of web site creation, such as layout, design and use of graphics, incorporation of photographic material, text, site navigation, and external links. Also, we work in e-mail capability and e-mail marketing, web forms, interactive scripts, database integration and application programming to make web sites more functional and interactive. In addition, we can provide many web based visual presentations such as web based slideshows and animations, interactive action elements and YouTube video integration.

Recently there’s been a significant shift towards visual social media content on web sites. Social media is the now the norm as opposed to the exception and has become an integral part of a business’s online presence. Most traditional online media applications include social components, such as News Postings and Blogs for users. In business, social media is used to market products, promote brands, connect to current customers and foster new business. Businesses in just about every industry are finding creative and effective ways to reach customers through social networks.

Because the Internet is in a constant state of change and growth, we have attempted to stay current with evolving trends, working with and adapting to emerging technologies, and employing the most reliable methods available. Many times, our clients ask for something a little different. We then call upon the vast resources of the Internet to research and evaluate new software applications and web editing procedures to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and efficient means of bringing the many benefits of the web to their business. It’s because of this process that has allowed us to expand not only what we can offer our clients but also our skill level. This can sometimes be a labourious and frustrating process, but it also makes what we do a lot of fun.

Our rebranding has also provided an opportunity to create this new web site which is always a fun thing to do. We will endeavor to keep everything up to date and chock full of interesting stuff to read.

Thank you for visiting our site.