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About Wenex Media Works

Wenex Media Works is a comprehensive Internet services company for the professional business market. We specialize in web site design, application programming, and web presence management services. Our customers range from single proprietor professional services companies to international corporations.


We opened our virtual doors in the Greater Toronto Area in 1998, as Wenex Technologies, initially presenting ourselves purely as web designers. In 2007, we relocated to the Hamilton Ontario area to take advantage of a number of opportunities, as well as expanding our business coverage. The nature of web design, the needs of businesses, and the state of the Internet in general have led us to adopt many faces. We’ve held the title of web designers, web developers, web programmers, service providers, and sometimes just “the web guys”. We recently rebranded ourselves as Wenex Media Works to better convey our robust stable of business offerings.


Beginning with a solid base of comprehensive and distinctive web page design, Wenex includes all phases of web site creation, such as layout, design and use of graphics, incorporation of photographic material, text, site navigation, and external links. Additionally, we work in e-mail capability, web forms, interactive scripts, database integration and application programming to make web sites more functional and interactive.


Through responsible web design, we do our best to adhere to the standards and accessibility guidelines set forth by the W3C. First and foremost, we do this to provide the best web presence possible for our clients and work towards the betterment of the web as a medium for interaction and the sharing of ideas and information.

Wenex provides a consulting service to assist its customers in the planning of the web site from the ground up and to provide guidelines for marketing the site once it has been completed. Just like the web sites we develop, our search engine optimization packages are custom tailored to fit the distinctive needs of any business.


Because the Internet is in a constant state of change and growth, Wenex endeavours to match that change, working with and adapting to emerging technologies, and employing the most reliable methods available. We research and evaluate new software applications and web editing procedures regularly in order to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and efficient means of bringing the many benefits of the web to their business.

Wenex Media Works

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