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Wenex Media Works Completes Redesign Project for

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Wenex Media Works has recently completed a complete redesign of their web site from the ground up using the robust full-featured resources of a WordPress theme designed for this type of business.

The goal of the project was to transform their site from a simple marketing tool to an invaluable resource, to fully showcase their speakers, which is an integral part of their business. The new site was also designed to be future-friendly to allow for constant growth.

A decidedly robust source of information. The key data contained within the site – the speakers – is searchable, browsable, and cross-referenced several different ways. The site has several interactive elements, such as feedback forms and streaming video. The site also provides additional opportunity for ongoing search engine marketing and functionality upgrades. are representatives for some of the finest professional speakers in North America. The speakers they represent are the leaders in what they do. They are thought-provoking, action-oriented and many have earned national and international recognition in the fields of business, technology and society. Speakers’ Bureau is a trusted and reliable resource for keynote speakers, business speakers, motivational speakers, political speakers, celebrity speakers & entertainers. They provide access to a full range of professional speakers for corporate meetings, national associations, conventions, conferences, in-house speaker series and corporate spokespeople.

They also arrange spokespeople and brand endorsements, and represent a range of talent from media personalities to athletes, chefs, medical experts, lifestyle spokespeople and industry experts.

This site is full of tools you can use to simplify the speaker selection process. You can find out about our speakers or allow to explore your speaker needs to find the right fit for your budget and event.

Visit the ProSpeakers web site at