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Web Site Redesign

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Web Site Redesign

Very few of our current clients’ sites look the same today as when they began their life on the web. Considering the importance we place on adapting to the ever-changing trends and opportunities on the web, it’s natural for us to offer comprehensive web site redesign services. Whether it involves enhancing an existing web site with new functionality, or rebooting a company’s entire online presence, we can take the project all the way from consultation to implementation.

Going through a website redesign almost always seems like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to freshen their brand’s online presences, create a sleeker user interface and have a website that’s way more attractive than the competition’s?

The planning of a website’s design depends on two thought processes: the creative side and the business perspective. It’s crucial to keep both thought processes aligned to create a web site that not only looks beautiful, but also succeeds in functionality.

There are some major differences between the design process of a new site versus a redesign. A new website has an advantage of starting on a clean slate, and although it can often be a bigger project, a website redesign is a chance to fix what didn’t work the first time around. This entails a thorough and well planned process. At Wenex we incorporate the following steps:

redesign2Current Site Review.

We evaluate your site and create a list of all its positive features. In a redesign, it’s not necessary to change everything. We keep what’s working. No reason to fix something that’s not broken.

Competition Analysis.

There are a few ways to take a closer look at your competition’s online efforts. We do a competition comparison analysis to identify ranking information, traffic metrics, data sources and social media links.

Definition of Your Audience.

Based on your content and design we create a clear definition of who your intended audience appears to be, keeping focused on designing a site that benefits them. We also make suggestions on how to expand your audience.

Explore New Functionality.

This step is crucial. It’s easy to focus on the design alone and not the functionality. A dynamic new design may attract a first-time visitor, but user-friendly functionality will also bring back return visitors. Design and redesign cycles typically occur every five years and during that time many new advances have taken place. These would include responsive design, innovative presentation and navigation, data management as well as an increased emphasis and incorporation of social media. We have a great deal of expertise in this area and can make suggestions of what new functionality is best suited to your site.

Review Analytics.

google_analyticsIf the site doesn’t have a Google Analytics account, we set one up immediately to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. We also use Google Webmaster Tools and other tools to find site errors and broken links. The Google Analytics will provide an immediate view of performance as well as an ongoing tool for making adjustments to pages. The following are a few things we look at, analyze, and incorporate into improvements:

bullet_round Number of Visits
blank spacerbullet_round New Visitors
blank spacerbullet_round Returning Visitors
bullet_round Bounce Rate
bullet_round Time on Site
bullet_round Site Traffic Demographics
bullet_round Identify Page Performance

Evaluate Content.

In order to attract new and returning visitors, a website with relevant and original content is key. Customers feel more confident about a company after reading new and informative content on their site. We help you in improving your current content and make suggestions on implementing new content. Utilizing performance analytics we propose upgrades to increase page performance to create more landing pages as well as making pages more SEO friendly.

Implement Ongoing Marketing Efforts.

If your site doesn’t feature an on-line marketing component, then the redesign process will make an ideal time to incorporate one. A periodic email newsletter for instance, which serves to keep them informed of new products and services, allowing visitors to become subscribers can be a marketing goldmine. This is also a cost effective method for creating a contact list for future email campaigns. A promotional initiative could also include a company blog, as well as resources such as video marketing, social media and informative documents and links.

Establish Current and Future Website Goals.

Whether you need a simple cosmetic change or a complete from-the-bottom-up overhaul, the job at hand presents a unique challenge to both the business owner and the web designer. Both must anticipate future changes in the company such as new products, new processes, co-branding etc., and what new technologies can be incorporated to provide a presentation with the highest impact. Sometimes, web technologies that are still in their infancy must be considered in order to gain a market advantage.

In many cases, original business web sites were created just to have a presence because the other guy did and contained some basic text and pictures. The reasoning behind these older sites was that as long as a business had a web site they were good to go in the business world and little thought was given to the future. It wasn’t all that long ago that one could have predicted the impact the Internet would have on business marketing strategies. Herein lies the key to the efficiency and success of your current project and future projects as well – Planning! It’s well documented that the average life span of a business web site is 4 – 5 years so it’s always a good idea to plan for the future before it passes you by. When creating a redesign plan we not only develop a custom process for your current site, but also make recommendations for the next redesign.

Evaluate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Content.

It’s important to look at existing page content from an SEO (search engine optimization) point of view. Search engines focus on a web site’s content now more than ever. We will help you develop copy that is focused to your business, as well as rich with relevant terms potential site visitors would enter into a search engine. There are many subtle coding techniques and components to add to a website to further improve its search engine rankings. Through responsible SEO practices Wenex will work with elements such as image ALT tags, META tags which include link titles, page titles, content relative keywords, and text styles during the optimization process.

Evaluating Aesthetics.

Eventually every web site needs a new look. Web sites decay with stale out of date text and graphics. A redesign is the perfect time for a new look, and at the very least, a facelift is in order. The facelift is generally done when there is a change in your marketing materials or marketing program and that change is to be mirrored in the appearance of the web site. This would include such items as:

bullet_round A graphical presentation of a newly released product or service.
bullet_round A new colour scheme to freshen the site.
bullet_round A new marketing campaign with new brochures, business cards and other promotional material.
bullet_round Active social media presence

Get a Quote on a RedesignA simple change in cosmetics which reflects web presentation trends within your industry will keep your site appearing fresh and current.

In many cases a website redesign can be overwhelming. Wenex will develop a comprehensive, easy to understand master plan whose goal is the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the performance of your old site and develop improvements and enhancements for your new one using the latest advancements in web technology and presentation design.

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