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Recharge SEO Package

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The Recharge Package

The best way to keep a search engine ranking strong is with regular maintenance and monitoring. We offer a number of ongoing tasks to supplement the initial optimization work that we’ve performed on your web site.

  • Generate and analyze Google Analytics reports: Collecting the data about site traffic is only important if you know what to do with it. We can assemble a package of regular updates outlining what the numbers mean and how to keep building on them.
  • Web site update strategy: Consistently delivering fresh site content is a proven way of boosting site traffic which in turn has shown to have a positive effect on ranking. We can develop a plan for creating and implementing appropriate updates to your site.
  • Online marketing strategy: Increasing your company’s or brand’s exposure in any market drives up the public’s awareness of it. Similarly, increasing your web site’s exposure on the internet will boost its visibility among search engines. We establish plans for continually generating that kind of exposure, strengthening your site’s ranking.
  • Social media integration: Many companies use social web sites such as Facebook and Twitter to their advantage to gain a whole new area of exposure for their business. Given the number of people all over the world using these social aspects of the web, and given the variety of options to tap into this massive network, we can develop a social media integration plan to suit most businesses.
  • RSS feed creation: A proven means for delivering your content beyond the boundaries of your web site. As an ongoing task, we would establish a feed, ensure that it is consistently providing up-to-date content and getting it to the right channels

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