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Power-Up SEO Package

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The Power-Up Package

This package represents the total SEO overhaul for existing sites or those undergoing a redesign. Web site redesign can often put a strain on the site’s existing ranking, no matter how modest it may be, unless it’s handled carefully. We research and use only those best practices that will only preserve your current rankings, but will ultimately serve to increase them.

  • Included are all elements from the Nuts & Bolts/Jump Start packages: The tasks in these packages are proven performers that lay the groundwork for a solid SEO upgrade.
  • Site restructuring: Armed with knowledge of what types of structure and content that effectively draws the attention of search engine robots, we will assess your site and make recommendations on the best procedures to include in your redesign.
  • URL Redirect/Rewrite rules: We will research external links coming to your site to determine if they go to pages that may be eliminated in the redesign. This will cause broken links that can have a negative effect on your ranking. We will ensure that such links are redirected to the appropriate section in the new site.

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