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Media & Graphic Design

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Media & Graphic Design

Graphic design as it applies the Wenex Media Works stable of services is the development of visual communication through the effective use of typography, space, imagery, and colour. Common uses of our graphic design include business identity (logos and branding), publications, various marketing materials, and website graphics and elements.

Media and Graphic DesignElectronic Media Graphic Design

Developing creative visuals for electronic media requires attention to a specific set of requirements, such as how colours are interpreted by various displays, or how elements will scale from a large screen to a mobile device. Wenex addresses these requirements during every project that involves digital design work. Our electronic media expertise covers a wide range of applications, including web site design, digital advertising development, downloadable media (such as PDFs), and online presentations.

Marketing Materials

No matter how advanced and intrinsic to your overall marketing your web presence may become, there will always be a need for the more traditional types of creative media. In an increasingly virtual world, the importance of tangible, tactile marketing elements can’t be overlooked. Wenex has experience building a number of types of marketing media, including:

bullet_round Logos
bullet_round Brochures
bullet_round Flyers
bullet_round Print advertisements

We can also assist in coordinating with suppliers who can provide printing services offering the best combination of efficiency, quality, and value.

Website Special Effects

Web sites built for the modern web need to leverage those modern web technologies to garner attention and stand out in the crowded online market. We can recommend the effects that are best suited to a given business and marketing goal, and implement those effects in a way that doesn’t hamper user experience, page loading times, or responsive design. Some of these elements include:

bullet_round Web site slideshows
bullet_round Web site animations
bullet_round Lightbox image displays
bullet_round Interactive action elements

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