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Do I Need A Web Site Facelift or Redesign

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A Web Site Facelift or Redesign still remains the ultimate strategy in keeping your site fresh. Web design and its associated technologies are in a constant state of evolution and even the most elaborate of designs can become tired and out of date in a relatively short period of time. Experienced web users expect sites to be an ever-expanding dynamic vehicle for up-to-the-minute, accurate information, so a redesign of your site may be in the offing in the not-too-distant future to keep visitors coming back.

The objective of any business is not only to make a sale, but more importantly to attract customers and then keep those customers.  Too often, companies are content to put up a web site and forget it, expecting it to generate an ongoing flow of eager visitors. This just does not happen for the long term. Building a loyal customer base takes a lot of time and effort. Customers like familiarity, but they also like for your presence to be in tune with current technology. An effective, interactive, and up-to-date web site makes that goal all that much easier. The bottom line is to provide visitors a reason to visit your site and keep coming back and growth of your customer base will take care of itself.

Whether you need a simple cosmetic change or a complete from-the-bottom-up overhaul, the job at hand presents a unique challenge to both the business owner and the web designer. Both must anticipate future changes in the company such as new products, new processes, new branding etc. New technologies can be incorporated to provide a presentation with the highest impact.

Originally, business web sites were created just to have a presence because the competition did. They contained some basic text and pictures without much thought to marketing.  The reasoning behind these older sites was that as long as a business had a web site they were good to go in the business world and little planning was given to the future. Early on no one could have predicted the impact the Internet would have on business marketing strategies. Herein lies the key to the efficiency and success of your current project and future projects as well – Planning! It’s well documented that the average life span of a business web site is 4 – 5 years so it’s always a good idea to plan for the future before it passes you by. It’s not outrageous to believe that once your redesign is launched, it’s time to start planning your next one. Use your new site to serve as a measure of its effectiveness and how it can be improved for the future. Also keep in mind that a well redesigned site should be constructed so that content can remain fluid and changes can be made mid-stream.

A combination of your market research and customer feedback will provide a useful benchmark for how often if and when a future facelift or redesign may be necessary. Obviously a facelift or redesign is a time-consuming process that requires a great deal of research and planning and additional cost  The overall benefits must be carefully considered. Here’s where your market research pays off and observing what your competition as well as your target market is doing and whether you want to update your site in response to what they do or be a leader and make them respond to what you do.